Dark Dreams

Illustrated Erotic Fiction

Dark Dreams Illustrated erotic fiction

Rebecca, dreaming, silver skin slippery in the heat of the night. Golden hair cascading across the white pillows. Each breath of the hot, humid air only adding to her frustration. In her dream, lines of men, hard, tempting flesh standing out before them. She wanted them, wanted to touch them, feel them, all of them, inside her. Struggling against her frustration she writhed on the bed, white sheets twisting around her, binding her. The dream fading.

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Gothic Moon

Gothic Moon Erotic fetish short story

The moon played hide and seek amongst the towering grey masses of scudding clouds alternately bathing the path ahead in its silvery light and plunging it into an eerie darkness. Despite the breeze the summer night was warm and humid but Tanya pulled her thin jacket around her and quickened her step as she neared the churchyard. Continue reading