Sandra Spanked

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Illustrated Spanking Fiction

Earl entered the library yesterday to find the lovely Sandra reading one of my creations which centered around erotic spanking in a fictional household. Sound familiar? This in itself was not a misdemeanor but the sight of her fingers creeping inside her knickers showed that she was clearly somewhat aroused by the text.
Earl appraised the scene from the doorway and here is his account of what happened next

Nude girl in bondage

Meg’s Punishment

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Nude bondage is always a turn on and Meg is one of those spirited girls I never quite seem to be able to bring to heel. No matter how many times she says, ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘No Sir,’ she still smiles cheekily and misbehaves. So, I’ve had her stripped and bound and brought to the drawing room

Spanking fetish story

Unfurling The Rose

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Spanking Fetish Story

I felt more than heard the swish of the strop as he swung it down towards the cheeks of mybehind. There was a crack. I love those moments after the strike, the microseconds that it takes my body to transmit the stinging sensation from the buttocks to the brain. It hasbarely arrived before there is a second impact and then a third. The pain began to blossom like an unfurling rose spreading between my legs.

Tanya in bondage and ready for spanking

Tanya in Bondage Ready For a Spanking

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Tanya is always a showing off. She loves waving her dress about and flashing the fact that she has removed her knickers. Not that I want to discourage this behaviour you understand but it really is inviting me to restrain  her as she loves both bondage and spanking

And who could resist lifting her dress to reveal that tempting peach of a target?

My new secretary ready for spanking

New Secretary Spanking

Fetish Stories, Master's Diary, Spanking, Submission

More naughtiness from The Master’s Diaries

Alas dear Amber has tootled off to do some errands in the real world. Promising to return soon she has sent her dear friend Megan along to fulfill her role whilst she is away. Amber has assured me that girl will bend to please but so far all she has done is flounce around the office chewing the end of her pen. Nor can she take dictation or transpose anything I say into a well typed letter. The time has come to act.