Dark Dreams

Illustrated Erotic Fiction

Rebecca, dreaming, silver skin slippery in the heat of the night. Golden hair cascading across the white pillows. Each breath of the hot, humid air only adding to her frustration. In her dream, lines of men, hard, tempting flesh standing out before them. She wanted them, wanted to touch them, feel them, all of them, inside her. Struggling against her frustration she writhed on the bed, white sheets twisting around her, binding her. The dream fading.

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Unfurling The Rose

She felt more than heard the swish of the strop as he swung it down towards the cheeks of her behind. There was a crack. She loved those moments after the strike, the microseconds that it took her body to transmit the stinging sensation from her buttocks to her brain. It had barely arrived before there was a second impact and then a third. The pain began to blossom like an unfurling rose spreading between her legs.

The crop swished again catching the soft tops of her thighs causing a sharp sensation that sent endorphins flooding through her body. He stopped; his fingers pushed her swollen lips apart and brushed against the sensitive skin as they moved up to the swollen bud. The touch that would always excite her was now electric. She gasped and her knees buckled.

His fingers dropped away and she felt the leather of the strop brush against her; she no longer knew which sensation she desired more. He pushed her knees apart, spreading her legs he gently rested the leather against her sex. He flicked the strands and they smacked gently against her. She moaned until one of the tips found clitoris forcing her cry out in pleasure. It flicked the bud again and a climax swept over her as she collapsed forward onto the chair.

The strop smacked across her buttocks and rose up onto her knees and eagerly spread her legs.

New Secretary Spanking

Alas dear Amber has tootled off to do some errands in the real world. Promising to return soon she has sent her dear friend Megan along to fulfill her role whilst she is away. Amber has assured me that girl will bend to please but so far all she has done is flounce around the office chewing the end of her pen. Nor can she take dictation or transpose anything I say into a well typed letter. The time has come to act.

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