Gothic Moon

Gothic Moon Erotic fetish short story

The moon played hide and seek amongst the towering grey masses of scudding clouds alternately bathing the path ahead in its silvery light and plunging it into an eerie darkness. Despite the breeze the summer night was warm and humid but Tanya pulled her thin jacket around her and quickened her step as she neared the churchyard. She always felt uneasy as she passed the towering black silhouette and its surrounding tombs. Suddenly she stopped; she was sure she had seen someone fleetingly cross the path ahead of her. Yes, there they were again. She could just see a young woman in black skipping through a gap in the hedge and into the churchyard.
Tanya watched mesmerized as the woman ran between the graves, pausing every now and then as if checking the names of the dead on the cold stones. Darkness enveloped the scene as the moon disappeared behind a cloud. The spell was broken and she lost sight of the figure. Tanya hesitated but her curiosity forced her to push open the heavy lynch gate into the churchyard.
The moon reappeared lighting her way as she turned off the gravel path and made her way across the rough grass between the stones towards the back of the church. She caught sight of the woman again entering a small mausoleum in a dip right at the bottom of the churchyard. The tomb had three walls surmounted by a pitched roof and the front of the structure was open with a Corinthian column at each corner. A large stone tomb sat in its centre. Cautiously Tanya made her way down the slope until she could just make out the girl, illuminated by a shaft of moonlight, kneeling beside the moss covered tomb inside.
Creeping closer trying to stay hidden behind the intervening gravestones Tanya could make out more details of the kneeling figure. She was about the same age as her and had a pretty, serene face, framed by short curly blonde hair. She wore a tight fitting black top and a very short black skirt. Tanya also noticed that she wore high black boots over fishnet tights that were torn in several places as if she had caught them on the brambles as she ran through the churchyard. Tanya was about to try and move closer but she froze as, to her surprise, the girl stood up and stripped off her black top.
Her firm breasts shone in the moonlight, the pink rosettes of her nipples erect and aroused and Tanya found herself admiring the slim athletic figure before she noticed that the girl also wore two strange bands on her wrists and a collar around her neck, all three of which were curiously joined by thin chains. As Tanya puzzled over the strange attire the girl began to writhe and moan against the gravestone splaying her legs and rubbing herself against the cold stone as if mourning a recently dead lover. Tanya watched transfixed as the apparition squatted astride the grave, head thrown back, her skirt riding up to reveal small scarlet panties, almost as if she was willing a phallus to spring from the dead below and penetrate her barely covered sex. The whole spectacle strangely arousing. Suddenly the girl rolled onto her knees and elbows with her ass in the air and her legs splayed apart and began to buck rhythmically back and forth as if she was being taken from behind by a ghostly partner.
Tanya ducked round the gravestone that she had hidden behind and slipped closer to the mausoleum: the girls rhythm was increasing her eyes closed and her mouth open as she rocked back and forth obviously close to orgasm. Tanya could see that her panties were pushed to one side and her labia opened as if there was a cock pushing deep inside her whilst her hands remained clawing at the stone of the tomb. The girl threw her head back and moaned thrusting even harder against the invisible cock as she climaxed.
The girl collapsed forward onto the hard stone but her passion was not exhausted. She raised herself up and, climbing down from the tomb, leant against the wall of the mausoleum where she raised her hands and hooked the chain joining the wrist bands over a metal hook that was securely bolted above her head. She stood motionless against the hard grey stones and then her body began to writhe again. This time with a different type of passion: it was if someone was striking whip across the delicate skin of her breasts and stomach making her body arch as each vicious stroke cut into her skin.
Entranced Tanya crept nearer, conscious that she was finding the girls apparent torment exhilarating. Her hand slipped beneath her skirt and brushed against the front of her panties causing her to shudder with excitement. Now at the threshold of the mausoleum and she could see that the girl’s eyes were tightly closed. The blows and her tormentor were invisible but feint red stripes were appearing on the girl’s skin and she bucked and moaned, not in pain, but as if each contact brought her closer to another orgasm.
Tanya’s felt her nipples harden and push against the thin material of her blouse; she hadn’t worn a bra that night and the feel of the silky material seemed to stimulate them further. Her fingers slipped beneath her skirt gain and this time she pushed her thin panties aside and felt the swollen lips of her own sex. Her fingers pushed into the soft wetness of the folds and sought out the point of maximum stimulation. The woman in front of her writhed under one last blow and her legs parted. Tanya could see the lips of her sex parting as if invisible fingers were bringing her to a final climax. The woman’s orgasm seemed to last forever as if she was riding the crests of waves pounding on the sea shore. Finally she slumped down hanging on the chains and slowly lifted her head. Her piercing blue eyes snapped open and stared hypnotically straight at Tanya. The woman stretched out her hand, straining against the thin chain that held her.

‘Welcome’ she said.

Tanya recoiled in shock but an unseen force pushed her towards the woman’s embrace.

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