Isabella’s Slave

Isabella came to stay at the house bringing her ever faithful maid Sophie with her. Mistress and Slave Now Sophie gladly puts up with a most of her mistress’s tantrums; after all being Isabella’s slave is her chosen role in life. Isabella is a classic Mistress, tall and haughty and with a deliciously short temper which provides Sophie with endless stimulation in the form of various punishments for her misdemeanours . Isabella usually makes Sophie carry out her duties at Hardend, which can include long trips to the kitchen or wine cellar naked. I have even known the expensively dressed Isabella arrive in the back of a chauffeur driven limousine accompanied by the naked Sophie.
Now all of this is to be expected in a relationship such as theirs but Isabella can be a bit of a bitch and on this occasion, after administering a light punishment, she decided to enjoy Sophie’s attentions. Knowing Isabella, there was the threat of a more fearsome punishment which Sophie would gladly accept, if she didn’t perform to Isabella’s exacting requirements. This time it seemed that their roles in their games changed – this is Isabella’s account
Sophie needs continual discipline and I have begun to notice that she deliberately misbehaves in order to provoke me. She obviously enjoys my response so I decided that the best punishment was no punishment so I stopped her usual flogging before she gained any satisfaction and ordered her to bring me a glass of wine.
When she eventually arrived I noticed that she had put her panties back on. Now I do like my servants to be naked and have given her strict instructions to comply with this. I assumed that she had not had enough the first time and was trying to provoke me into a second round. This seemed to be further evidence that she has forgotten that punishments are administered at my discretion and not just when she feels like receiving one. I ordered her to remove the offending garments and concentrate on pleasing her mistress rather than trying to solicit further efforts from me.

I did suggest that she might receive some correction depending on her performance and ordered her to leave my knickers on to make this task a little more arduous. The feeling of Sophie’s tongue sliding over my panties and working it way around the material and inside me was most pleasurable. She obviously decided at my first orgasm that any further stimulation for her was not likely to happen as she was performing her duties as instructed.
I was a little concerned when she rolled me over onto my front but by this point I was anxious for her to continue. She stretched my hands back onto her smooth thighs and as I was enjoying the sensation grabbed my wrists and handcuffed them together. I have no idea where she had hidden the cuffs and can only assume that they are the ones I use on her occasionally. Sitting firmly on my legs which prevented me from wriggling free she bound my ankles together.
At this point she stood up and grabbed my hair and the cuffs and forced me to kneel on the edge of the sofa. Without saying a word she picked up the lovely supple riding crop I always keep within easy reach. The first stoke cracked across my cheeks sending an electric shock through me. ‘You fucking bitch,’ I yelled.
‘Are you angry enough to punish me now,’ she asked as the crop came down again.
‘No,’ I shouted back. Despite the heat in my behind I was still determined not to give her what she wanted.
She administered several more painful swipes and then, deciding that she had not provoked me enough, dragged me up by my hair and forced me down to the dungeon.

The Dungeon

I must admit by this point I was beginning to be aroused by her attentions. Receiving can be almost as much fun as giving and this, combined with her previous attentions, had exciting sensations between my legs. I was interested to see how far she would go and did not offer much resistance as she shackled me to the wall. Fortunately she was not very adept with the bull whip in the dungeon and seeing it was having little effect she turned me round and pulled down my knickers. She then attacked me with the cane and things really started to sting. I longed for her touch o bring me to a final climax and swore to her that she would never experience pleasure at my hands again if she didn’t comply. Her reply, after several more strokes that I am sure left red stripes on my behind was, ‘I will leave you to think about that.’
And with that she left me chained to the wall.
It only seemed reasonable to me to release you,’ I said. ‘Knowing that there would be more fun to follow.’


Isabella’s revenge was quite something. It is so nice to watch my guests enjoying themselves.

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