Spanking Charlotte

Spanking Charlotte
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Spanking Charlotte should have proved to be an enjoyable task but it took a little more effort than I anticipated.

‘Bend over’. It was a simple enough command but she seemed to have trouble interpreting it. I let the strop fall lightly across her left cheek. They was a rewarding smack as it contacted the firm flesh hidden beneath the thin black dress that offered little protection. ‘Ow’ she yelped. ‘You mean bend over?’ She looked at the chair.
I said nothing.

She slowly bent forward and grasped the back of the chair. The thin dress flowed around her revealing the peach like shape of her behind.
‘Lift your dress,’ I ordered.
She looked for a moment as if she was going to protest, glanced at the strop and then decision to submit seemed to seep through her. She pulled the material up to reveal a small triangle of black silk connected to string thin black straps. The scanty G string offered no protection to the firm rounds of her behind.

Spanking CharlotteI drew my hand back and paused as I saw her start. My arm swung in a wide arc and my palm contacted with firm flesh. She smiled. I drew my hand back again and delivered a second stroke that yielded a satisfying crack and sent ripples through her.

There was no sound. No yelp. Harder, she barely gasped. Her expression revealed enjoyment. I wrenched her tiny knickers down as if the thin strands of material were offering some defence. ‘Arms on the seat of the chair’ I commanded. ‘Lower.’Spanking Charlotte
She bent forward her ass forming inviting curves. I picked up the strop and let it descend with as much force as I dare. This time she gasped. 
Another strike. There was a low cry. We were now hovering on the point between pain and excitement. The desire for the arousal each contact stimulated balance against the dread that the next might push her into consummation of her submission.

She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled and winced as the blows landed. Eventually sensations overtook her. She turned her face to the back of the chair, her back arched and she lifted her head as she abandoned herself to the desire.

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