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The Art of Submission and Punishment

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 ‘The curious thing about this submission and punishment was that it made me grow even more fond of the person who administered it.’ Jean-
Jaques Rousseau Confessions.

 Submission and Punishment

submission and punishment

There is a combination of destructive and self destructive impulses that coexist in all of us. At a controlled level they appear in some of our fantasies and have been expressed in art throughout history.
The sensual quest for physical chastisement can be so strong because, when exposed to sexual pain, some are unable to control their reaction and subsequent orgasm.

Some people mistake the act of submission for an exchange of power where the dominant takes control but in reality, or is it fantasy, it is the submissive who is in command. The limits of the active partner are determined by the passive one. In these pictures the models exude an eroticism that comes from an enjoyment of the creation process, be it role-play or not.

Most of our female models love doing these pictures and we never seem to be short of volunteers to be their slaves

Downloadable Submission, Punishment and Bondage Galleries

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