Sandra Spanked

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A Woman Spanked. Photo Illustrated Story

Earl entered the library yesterday to find the lovely Sandra reading one of my creations which tells the story of erotic spanking in a fictional household. Sound familiar?

This in itself was not a misdemeanour but the sight of her fingers creeping inside her knickers showed that she was clearly somewhat aroused by the text.

Earl watched for a while from the doorway and here is his account of what happened next.

The Art of Submission Photo of a naked girl bent over a chair ready for punishment

The Art of Submission

Bondage, Spanking, Submission

Most people love fantasies. Whether it is Star Trek, Mills and Boon or kinky sex, the desire to enjoy and act out these fantasies in a safe environment is part of human behaviour.

Playing the submissive in the bedroom (or the kitchen, living room or outdoors) in a sexual context can be exhilarating for both men and women. The rush of endorphins that the roller coaster ride creates can be wonderfully stimulating.

Photos of nude girls in chain bondage

Chain Bondage – Subscribers Extra

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Pull on my chains and guide me like a hidden puppet master. Stretch me, display me, for your guests' pleasure. I am yours to do with as you wish. Hidden delights will be revealed as you strip away any coverings. I love the act of submission, it creates desire within me.


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To sub

Photo art of submission and punishment. A mistress with her naked female slave

The Art of Submission and Punishment

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 ‘The curious thing about this submission and punishment was that it made me grow even more fond of the person who administered it.’

Jean-Jaques Rousseau Confessions.

A Slave Presents by Zatanna Dark

Fetish Stories, Spanking, Submission

A slave whipped by a riding crop is not always what it seems. Welcome to the sometimes crazy but always sexy world of Zatanna Dark. We hope you enjoy this short story illustrated by Vasarian’s fetish photos.

Photo of blonde woman chained in dungeon Free gallery

Blonde Chained – Electra

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This fierce blonde is chained and waiting to be tamed.

“You want to fuck me you have to tame me first,” she growls, snarling and snapping in her pen.