Sexy secretary sitting at desk and lifting her dress to show she is not wearing panties

Secretary Caned

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Tanya finished her video call.

“You’re looking very business like, very efficient,” I said. “What are you wearing underneath?” I asked, knowing the answer.

She swung around towards me and lifted the hem of her dress. “Always ready, Sir,” she giggled as she stood up and twirled to give me a good view of her pussy and magnificent arse.

“Fucking gorgeous,” said a voice from the computer.

“Oh shit,” she bent forward to turn off the camera.

“Now Damian knows what a perfect little cunt you have. Did you do that deliberately?”

“No, Sir,” she stays bent over , knowing what will follow.

“Maybe you should call him up again. Let him watch your face as I administer some discipline. Go on,” I crack the cane across her firm buttocks.

He answers almost immediately and I bring the cane down again.

“Aagh,” she gasps, her face inches from the screen. “Sorry Damian”, crack, “Oh fuck,” her body jolts.

I catch a glimpse of Damian’s cock on the screen. It is close to the camera, his hand moving wildly. If they weren’t separated by the virtual world she would be sucking it now, waiting for him to come on her face.

I crack the cane down again. Her mouth forms a perfect circle and Damian moans.

“Stand up, show him your butt and what happens to sloppy girls who forget to turn their camera off. And now the front.”

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Woman in bondage being caned

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