Glamourous blonde woman

Glamorous Blonde Electra

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I love writing about sexy confident women so when this glamorous blonde walked into the photographic studio where I worked I immediately started to make notes.

When she started to show off her femdom side she became the inspiration for Argenta in my BDSM book The Donnington Chronicles but let’s start with so photos from her first shoot. Glamorous, sexy and cheeky, she sometimes slips into sultry mode.

She’s Hot

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Meg cheekily strips off her panties

“It’s hot,” Meg wriggled provocatively in the tight fitting top and waved her skirt around flashing her long legs and showing a glimpse of her white panties.

“That’s better,” she lifted the skirt high and sat back, legs apart. “A bit of air round the pussy always helps.”

Nude ballet dancer

Naked Ballet Dancer

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Cecily knew that attendance at the dance school would be tough. Her dedication to the bar was complete. Unfortunately, it was the one down the road with the wild music and horny men, not the one in the studio.

Glamourous blonde woman nude

Glamourous Blonde Nude

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This glamourous blonde is one of the sexiest women I think Vas has photographed.

In fact, she is part of the inspiration for the character Argenta in The Donnington Chronicles.