Photo of nude woman in riding chaps

Rider Whipped

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Stephanie strides into the stables, she has that haughty air bourn of a privileged upbringing. Her ancestors probably whipped horses and peasants.

Title photo How to shoot creative nude photos of women in bondage

Artistic Nude Bondage Photography – Photo Tips

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Tanya lays naked across a bed, the light shining through the bars of her window creates stripes and shadows across her body. Above her hangs a chain.

Sexy secretary sitting at desk and lifting her dress to show she is not wearing panties

Secretary Caned

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Tanya finished her video call.

“You’re looking very business like, very efficient,” I said. “What are you wearing underneath?” I asked, knowing the answer.

She swung around towards me and lifted the hem of her dress. “Always ready, Sir,” she giggled as she stood up and twirled to give me a good view of her pussy and magnificent arse.

“Fucking gorgeous,” said a voice from the computer.

Nude blonde woman bent over a sofa ready for discipline

Zara Bound and Caned

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There is no more stimulating sight than an attractive woman willingly submitting to bondage and ready to be caned

The delightful hairdresser Zara has returned for a rematch after paying the penance for her mistakes last week. You can read about that in Zara Spanked and, if you have been granted free access to my archives you may want to view her more open photos in the subscribers exclusive gallery.