Mistress whipping girl in living room

Mistress Spanking

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Amber can be a feisty little bitch when she’s riled. She is completely submissive to me and you may have noticed in my entry Amber Whipped that she’s not averse to a good spanking, whipping or caning.

But she does not submit willingly to others. In fact she can switch and then be an equally hard Mistress spanking the other girls. Check out my Mistress Amber entry.

Photos of nude girls in chain bondage

Chain Bondage – Subscribers Extra

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Pull on my chains and guide me like a hidden puppet master. Stretch me, display me, for your guests' pleasure. I am yours to do with as you wish. Hidden delights will be revealed as you strip away any coverings. I love the act of submission, it creates desire within me.


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To sub

Photo art of submission and punishment. A mistress with her naked female slave

The Art of Submission and Punishment

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 ‘The curious thing about this submission and punishment was that it made me grow even more fond of the person who administered it.’

Jean-Jaques Rousseau Confessions.
Girl ready for caning fetish photo

Schoolgirl Cosplay – Amber

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Amber ready for caning

My schooldays were never this much fun. Now I’m an adult I can wear my school uniform for some schoolgirl cosplay and tease Sir as much as I like.

Sexy secretaries in bondage

Sexy Secretaries Bondage

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A sexy secretary in bondage or bent over a desk and spanked is popular fantasy. Here at Hardend house we like to make your Secret Obsessions come true so here’s some of my sexy secretaries in bondage.