Photo of sexy Mistress with two naked slave girls in dungeon

Mistress Amber

Mistress's Diary, Spanking, Submission, Yes Mistress

Amber switches and two girls are whipped in the dungeon

You’re probably aware that Amber, the Master’s faithful secretary, spends much of her time at Hardend getting whipped and spanked. A process that she enjoys a little too much.

But the meek and submissive Amber can switch. She might be submissive to her Master but will take no truck when presented with a couple of naughty young ladies.

The first is Natalie, a lippy blonde who always has too much to say for herself. It is very pleasing to see Amber set about her with a cane. Natalie loves the attention but always wriggles and squirms when discipline is applied. I ordered her secured to a post with manacles and a length of chain and, despite her wriggling Amber, manages to land quite a few stinging blows. Natalie squeals disobediently as each one lands.

Having vented some of her frustration on Natalie, Amber then turns her attention to Meg. You will probably remember from New Secretary Spanking. Meg is a feisty girl. She was supposed to be Amber’s temp as the Master’s secretary but her work was slovenly.

Photo of mistress whipping two girls in a dungeon

It seemed only fair to let Amber seek some recompense for the extra work she had to do on her return. Natalie secures Meg to a frame so her delightful behind presents a clear target for Amber. The dungeon fills with Meg’s squeals as the cane cracks down.

Photo of Mistress caning nude girl in bondage

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Three dominant mistresses

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It had never occurred to her that the girl actually enjoyed her punishment and she found herself idly wondering what it was like to be in that position.

“Each of you will kneel before your mount and take him in your mouth. There’s no prize for the winner, but the slowest girl will endure the punishment of her riders choosing.”

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Warning: Contains scenes of BDSM whippings, spankings and graphic descriptions of sex.

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