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Alas, dear Amber has tootled off to do some errands in the real world. Promising to return soon she has sent her dear friend Megan along to fulfil her role whilst she is away.

Amber has assured me that girl will bend over backwards to please but so far all she has done is flounce around the office chewing the end of her pen. Nor can she take dictation or transpose anything I say into a well-typed letter. The time has come to act.

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Megan hops off her stool and bends over to make some more illegible notes on my paperwork and wiggles her behind invitingly.

Amber has obviously briefed her well and she is anxious to get started.  She offers no resistance when I lift her skirt but the first few taps of the cane make her gasp. She is obviously new to this.

She responds well to a few more light flicks so, without saying a word, I stand her up and point to her blouse. She dutifully unbuttons this and lets it drop to the floor before resuming her position on the stool.

Now we are starting to pick up the pace a bit. She is starting to squeal as the cane cracks down ever harder and she begins to realize that disobedience results in punishment. Slowly the cheeks of her small round bottom begin to turn pink. 

Photo of secretary spanked with a cane

Then without any command, she stands up. At first, I think she is about to rebel but she drops her skirt and rips down her panties urging me to continue.

Now glorious pink stripes begin to appear on her silky smooth skin and she wriggles in painful pleasure with every contact.

At last she resumes her position as a very different secretary. The only problem I have is getting any work done as, just as Amber before her, she continues to make ridiculous errors in the hope of soliciting more punishment. 

Photo of naked secretary after a good spanking

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