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A nude woman builder – sounds sexy?

Looking back to the summer from the cold days of winter when a nude woman builder appeared at Hardend. She didn’t get a lot of work done but it was fun to watch

I decided to have a little work done on Hardend House. Of course, things being what they are around here, the woman who turned up to do the work wasn’t your usual builder. Actually, she didn’t get a lot of work done but who cares.

Hardend House being in the middle of nowhere that was a wet saddle by the time she got here. Hmm, I wonder if the bike is the only thing that gets ridden around here.

I set her to work straight away and like all good builders things began to get hot and sweaty so she stripped off her top

I had to remind her that regulations state that a hard hat should be worn on the site at all times. Breaches of regulations usually result in a fine but at Hardend this is more likely to be a good spanking.

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So then it’s outside for a bit of hard labour and a very thorough inspection of all parts of her, sorry I mean the, construction.

It seems the idea of a good spanking got her quite frisky so back inside she was looking for anything cock shaped. Her squeals of delight at finding the big knob we quite deafening.

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