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Rider Whipped

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Stephanie strides into the stables, she has that haughty air born of a privileged upbringing. Her ancestors probably whipped horses and peasants.

She likes to ride naked around the Hardend Estate faster and more furiously than Lady Godiva. It is time she paid a penance.

“I’ve just been riding bareback.”

“I saw. Does an animal pounding between your legs excite you?”

She does not answer but the flush in her face betrays all.

“Perhaps that is why you saw you using the whip so often? I think you should find out what it is like?”

“You’re joking.”

“I’m not. Hand it over.”

“Assume the position. You are about to be ridden hard.”

Reluctantly she gives up the riding whip and bends over the bench. I flick it across her rump.

“Aagh,” she neighs and her mane sweeps across her shoulders.

I apply the whip again, and again. He behind begins to redden and stripe.

“Yes, yes,” she bucks against the whip, her body jolting quicker with each stroke. “Oh, fuck.”

It is time to mount up.

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