The Art of Submission Photo of a naked girl bent over a chair ready for punishment

The Art of Submission

Bondage, Spanking, Submission

Most people love fantasies. Whether it is Star Trek, Mills and Boon or kinky sex, the desire to enjoy and act out these fantasies in a safe environment is part of human behaviour.

Playing the submissive in the bedroom (or the kitchen, living room or outdoors) in a sexual context can be exhilarating for both men and women. The rush of endorphins that the roller coaster ride creates can be wonderfully stimulating.

In sexual submission, the power is with the submissive. Why? Because sub/dom role-play is not about forcing the submissive to do something they do not want to; it is about them consenting to give control of their actions to another and trusting that person to adhere to prearranged boundaries.

Semi naked woman kneeling on a bed in tight rope bondage

With a trusted dominant the submissive is free to immerse themselves in the experience whereas the dom must restrain their indulgence to enhance the submissive’s enjoyment; knowing that their gratification will follow.

Nude submissive woman wearing a ball gag and blindfolded

Within the role-play the submissive may resist or defy the dominant’s commands even if they have consented. That resistance may then generate punishments, tasks or other consequences that in turn build on the sense of excitement. Submission is not just about bondage and spanking. It can be as subtle as a commanding tone of voice or a gesture or as complicated as costumed role play.

Denying a punishment to someone who craves it enhances the excitement. It makes the spanking, whipping or caning, when it comes and as long as it is delivered to the right level, even more of an ecstatic climax. This is why so many of my stories are about the slow burn to an exhilarating climax for both the characters and the reader.

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Photo of nude submissive girl whipping her mistress
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