Submissive girl presenting herself for punishment and bending over with her bottom bared.

A Submissive Presenting For Punishment

Master's Diary, Spanking, Submission

A submissive presenting for punishment is a glorious sight. Here Nicola tells her innermost thoughts as she submits to the cane.

Submissive girl presenting to her master for punishment

In your study, I pull the cuffs of the spreader bar around my ankles and pull them tight. I arrange them carefully, neatly and then stand waiting.

My head is already spinning, tiny pulses of anticipation sweep through my body. In my mind, I can already feel the tingle of your hand or the bite of the cane. Not knowing what you will choose for me, what I deserve, what I want excites my mind.

My nipples are already hardening, pushing against to material of my top and I can feel the dew seeping from me to glisten on my knickers. Still unbound, the urge to touch myself there is overwhelming but I know I must not. I must obey your command.

You enter. I cannot help but flash a look at you, my eyes betraying my excitement before I look down. I am yours, your submissive.

“Hands,” you say.

I hold out my arms, wrists together and you wrap the rope around them, pulling it tight. It bites into my skin sending the first shivers of pain along my arms.

I love the feeling of restraint. I can still move to your commands, shuffle awkwardly against the spreader bar or bend my arms but now I am completely yours, unable to flee, I have submitted.


The ropes bite into me as I struggle to pull up my skirt and then push my knickers down. I bring my hands up behind my head and stand looking defiantly at you. I know this will bring harsher punishment but the lust within me overpowers my senses for a moment.

“Eyes down Nicola,”

I assume the position.

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