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Ebony’s School Mistress Caning Fantasy

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My favourite fantasy is to imagine I am a strict school mistress. I call you into my study and, of course, you notice that I am wearing nothing but my best black underwear under my gown.

Mistress and her slave girl photo

Mistress and Her Willing Slave Girl

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The Mistress uses her slave girl Cecily for her pleasure.

Cecily is at my mercy, tied to the cross. Lifting her dress reveals her clean shaven pussy is not covered by underwear. At least she has obeyed one of my commands

Photo of mistress caning girl

Caning Aillie

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Meg switches to mistress caning her nude sub Aillie

Continuing on from Aillie’s spanking by Alana we decided to let Meg lose on her. Now Meg can be a feisty little bitch. She is well used to receiving a good spanking or caning when she misbehaves (which is a lot) so, when she gets her hands on a cane or a paddle she really doesn’t hold back.

Photo of nude ballet dancer

Naked Ballet Dancer

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Cecily knew that attendance at the dance school would be tough. Her dedication to the bar was complete. Unfortunately, it was the one down the road with the wild music and horny men, not the one in the studio.

Photo of nude girl caned

Cecily Caned and submissive in the Dungeon

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After Cecily's exhibition in front of the class she is given detention. The dance school is strict so this means being confined with her freshly caned butt on display.


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Isabella’s Slave

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