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Secretary Whipped

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Riding Crop Spanking from The Master’s Diaries

Amber is the Master’s secretary. She is ultra efficient but also relishes the feel of a hand across her backside. Once she gets the thought of this in her mind she sits at her desk wriggling as the tingling in her pussy gets worse. There is only one cure.

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Amber had been working in the office and misbehaving all day hoping to get another exhilarating spanking. The thought occurred to me that since she enjoys that so much the feel of the riding crop across her backside might make her think twice before seeking another punishment and wriggle a bit less.

“Take off your skirt and follow me.”

Amber trailed behind me enthusiastically shedding clothes as we walked down the corridor to her room.

“I said just the skirt – put your jacket back on and sit down.” It seemed pointless to send her to retrieve her blouse and bra.

She sat in the carver chair grinning. I could see she was trying to play the naughty secretary but the look on her face changed as I picked up the riding crop. “Stand.” I touched the crop to her chin.

She knew what was required and turned and placed her hands on the arms of the chair. The jacket rose up nicely exposing her behind. I planted the crop forcibly across the two round cheeks creating a pleasing snap.
“Ow fuck,” she squawked. “That hurt.” She rubbed her backside.
I decided it was rather obvious to tell her that it was supposed to and simply waited for her to assume the position again. The crack of the second stroke caused her to jump and cry out again as did the third and the fourth.

“Take off your jacket.”

She complied, moving slowly but bent forward to receive another couple of strokes. She was obviously starting to enjoy herself so I increased the force a little and her hand came back trying to intercept the crop.

“Ow,” she squealed as it smacked her palm.

“You obviously need some restraint,” I said as I uncoiled a length of rope. I bound her wrists and ankles to the chair leaving her bent over and fully displayed except for her white panties.
Pulling these down revealed her hot, swollen, pussy lips that sparkled with wetness.

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I could not resist sliding my fingertips along her lips. She sighed with pleasure as my fingers curled easily inside her. She was clearly enjoying herself.

I felt my cock stir, it took a lot of willpower not to just fuck her there and then but I backed off.
She murmured quietly in complaint when my fingers withdrew and that earned her several more stokes from the whip.
With her bottom glowing like a ripe peach I decided to see how close I could push her to her climax before she begged to be allowed to come.

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