Spanking photo tips a beginners guide

Beginners Guide to Spanking Photography

Fetish Photo Tips

Getting good spanking photos is not easy so here’s a few spanking photography tips.

The idea of receiving (or giving) a good spanking is quite a turn on for many people. There are some professional and amateur models who are willing to pose for spanking or other BDSM orientated photographs but whether you are using a lover or model they are always in charge. Everything should be strictly consensual and if they say stop or use a safe word then stop.

Nude girl whipped with a riding crop

Administering a spanking or other punishment effectively and within the recipients limits is an art which takes practice; it is also very difficult to do with a camera in your hand. I’ll admit that some, but not all, of my spanking and whipping pictures are posed but I challenge you to work out which photos are which. It’s amazing what you can do with a stripe of lipstick, a bit of make up and Photoshop 

Hint: Even the firmest cheeks ripple when whacked with a hand or paddle and this can be caught on camera.

Woman being spanked

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Getting Started

If you are practicing any sort of BDSM for the first time or on a first time recipient the key is to start gently build up the severity slowly. Most submissives aren’t going to be impressed if you lay straight into them with a cane. Spanking releases endorphins which numb the pain but also increase sexual arousal. One girl told me that it feels as if her skin has become leathery and at that point she felt as if she could take anything. Generally that level of punishment looks unattractive in pictures whilst a warm redness or a few stripes can enhance the eroticism of a picture. (That’s just my opinion you and your partner might want to go for the full whacked look)

Before we get carried away, from a photographic point of view spanking and tight bondage leaves marks. These can take some time to fade so if you want a picture of a round unblemished bottom – make sure you do these first. Good photography takes a lot of concentration as does good BDSM. It is possible to combine the two by using a camera on a tripod and a remote release but it takes a lot of practice to get both right. I use a wireless release and with good timing can get pictures in single shot mode. It is possible to shoot in multi or motor drive mode if you are using daylight but if you are using flash this cannot recharge fast enough to keep up. You’ll just have to practice.

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Woman whipping a girl in a dungeon

The other alternative is to recruit a spanker (or a photographer).

Naked woman spanked with a riding crop

Getting the model to move her head and using a low shutter speed creates blur which can ad a sense action to a picture 

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None of the pictures on this site are hardcore, there’s nothing wrong with consensual hardcore pictures, I’d just like to make sure my sites and books get published. What you in privacy is, in my opinion and within reasonable bounds, your own business but as soon as you publish photographs of it you may find auntie government looking over your shoulder.  Causing lasting or serious injury could land you in trouble. 

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Photo of Mistress and female slave

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