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Tanya lays naked across a bed, the light shining through the bars of her window creates stripes and shadows across her body. Above her hangs a chain.

Photos of women spanked and caned

Spanking Archive – Women Spanked and Caned

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Photo of submissive girl whipped in bondage

Meg’s Tale – Extra Photos

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"I often walk around the house without panties. It’s so nice to feel the air around your pussy and of course you never know when the opportunity for a good fuck is going to present itself. So here I am, wandering around and trying to avoid doing any work - I’m supposed to put in some time as one of his Lordship’s secretaries, which usually ends up with me bent over for a good caning for doing, well nothing really. Although I suppose that’s the point."


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Photo of nude girl in bondage bent over ready for spanking

Meg’s Punishment

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Nude bondage is always a turn on and Meg is one of those spirited girls I never quite seem to be able to bring to heel. No matter how many times she says, ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘No Sir,’ she still smiles cheekily and misbehaves. So, I’ve had her stripped and bound and brought to the drawing room

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