Sexy secretary sitting at desk and lifting her dress to show she is not wearing panties

Secretary Caned

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Tanya finished her video call.

“You’re looking very business like, very efficient,” I said. “What are you wearing underneath?” I asked, knowing the answer.

She swung around towards me and lifted the hem of her dress. “Always ready, Sir,” she giggled as she stood up and twirled to give me a good view of her pussy and magnificent arse.

“Fucking gorgeous,” said a voice from the computer.

Glamourous blonde woman

Glamorous Blonde Electra

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I love writing about sexy confident women so when this glamorous blonde walked into the photographic studio where I worked I immediately started to make notes.

When she started to show off her femdom side she became the inspiration for Argenta in my BDSM book The Donnington Chronicles but let’s start with so photos from her first shoot. Glamorous, sexy and cheeky, she sometimes slips into sultry mode.

Hotwife Bound For Spanking – Extra

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The thought of a hand or better still a belt being whacked across my arse really turns me on. Here's my favourite hotwife bondage and spanking fantasy that I just love fingering with myself to.


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