Meg Dreams of Submission

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In this entry in my diary I have recorded Meg’s dreams of submission before she found her true submissive side at Hardend House. Her language is forthright and her photos explicit

Submissive girl in a maids costume on her knees in front of her master

A Submissive Maid Punished

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Alana has featured in many of my diary entries on Secret Obsessions. Usually submissive she has always had a fiery streak that needs to be brought to heel. This entry is from my archives. Alana had recently joined us as a maid and had, I suspect deliberately, committed several misdemeanours which warranted her first punishment.

Mistress whipping girl in living room

Mistress Spanking

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Amber can be a feisty little bitch when she’s riled. She is completely submissive to me and you may have noticed in my entry Amber Whipped that she’s not averse to a good spanking, whipping or caning.

But she does not submit willingly to others. In fact she can switch and then be an equally hard Mistress spanking the other girls. Check out my Mistress Amber entry.