Meg Dreams of Submission

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In this entry in my diary I have recorded Meg’s dreams of submission before she found her true submissive side at Hardend House. Her language is forthright and her photos explicit

Photo art of submission and punishment. A mistress with her naked female slave

The Art of Submission and Punishment

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 ‘The curious thing about this submission and punishment was that it made me grow even more fond of the person who administered it.’

Jean-Jaques Rousseau Confessions.

She’s Hot

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Meg cheekily strips off her panties

“It’s hot,” Meg wriggled provocatively in the tight fitting top and waved her skirt around flashing her long legs and showing a glimpse of her white panties.

“That’s better,” she lifted the skirt high and sat back, legs apart. “A bit of air round the pussy always helps.”

Photo of mistress caning girl

Caning Aillie

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Meg switches to mistress caning her nude sub Aillie

Continuing on from Aillie’s spanking by Alana we decided to let Meg lose on her. Now Meg can be a feisty little bitch. She is well used to receiving a good spanking or caning when she misbehaves (which is a lot) so, when she gets her hands on a cane or a paddle she really doesn’t hold back.

Ready For Spanking

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Bent over and bare assed

A gallery of naughty photographs showing girls bent over and bare assed ready for spanking.