She’s Hot

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Meg cheekily strips off her panties

“It’s hot,” Meg wriggled provocatively in the tight fitting top and waved her skirt around flashing her long legs and showing a glimpse of her white panties.

“That’s better,” she lifted the skirt high and sat back, legs apart. “A bit of air round the pussy always helps.”

She gazed out of the window of her flat at passing pedestrians sweating in the heat. “More air needed,” she pulled off her panties.

“It always turns me on walking around with no panties. I love the air against me and knowing that if I did this people would see everything,” she giggled as she lifted the skirt.

“Maybe I should take everything off,” she said, letting the skirt drop.

“Still hot,” she winked at me.

“Oh yes and about to get hotter,” I said

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