Zara spanking story

Zara Spanked

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Another naughty spanking story from the Master’s Diaries.

One has to admit that should one order up a hairdresser one would like her to look like the charming Zara. Unfortunately, she made a bit of a mess of what’s left of my barnet (in case you’re not reading this in England barnet is rhyming slang for Barnet fair – hair).

Anyway, admitting her cock up (no, I’m not explaining that one) Zara sweetly asked if there was anything she could do in recompense. Without thinking I suggested that a good spanking might make her take more care with her duties in future.

Mature blonde woman in white underwear bending over a chair ready for a spanking

Zara to her credit was enchanted by the idea and immediately stripped off her work dress. It seemed she had come prepared as underneath she was wearing the most delectable piece of satin underwear.

She obediently bent over the chair and I began to administer her punishment. My palm began to tingle and the peach of her behind began to ripen nicely but each strike seemed to bring forth giggles and squeals of delight.

My original intention had been to administer a light spanking but, still smarting from the lousy haircut I decided to make her smart a little more and increased the intensity. This only seemed to magnify her squeals.

“What are you doing girl?” I enquired. “This is supposed to be recompense for your cock up.”

Without standing up she looked over her shoulder.

“I’m sorry Sir but I’ve never been spanked before and it really is doing strange things to me. My bottom is tingling but so is my pussy. As a matter of fact, what I’d like most is a cock up,” she giggled. “Is that not the effect it is supposed to have?”

Mature blonde woman with her bottom red from spanking bent over a chair

I pulled at the poppers on her underwear. My fingers found swollen lips so coated with desire that they slipped between them in an almost involuntary motion. She sighed and pushed back against me almost swallowing my entire hand. When I withdrew my fingers they glistened with her juices.

Despite the fact that my cock was now pushing hard against the material of my trousers I decided to prolong her punishment a little more. Moving to my desk I opened the top drawer and took out my favourite crop.

“Let’s see what effect this has?” I swished the crop in front of her. If a simple spanking had made her that wet this implement should take her over the edge.

Standing behind her, I brought the crop down across her cheeks causing the firm globes to ripple. Almost immediately a red stripe began to form.

“Yes,” she wriggled her behind. “Yes,” she squealed as another stoke fell.

She moved her feet wider apart and her pussy gaped open like an inviting flower. I added more red stripes to her behind and she gasped each time the crop bit her.

Her desire silvered the inside of her thighs and she pushed her buttocks toward me as if imploring me to finish her.

By now I could feel my cock pulsing and fighting to get out of my trousers. I unzipped and pushed its head against her, feeling the silky touch of her flesh as I slid it along the length of her lips. She wriggled in enjoyment and I whipped the crop down across her rounded reddened cheek.

Instead of flinching she thrust toward me swallowing the whole length of my shaft until her soft skin pressed against my thighs. I stood motionless as she rhythmically began to slide back and forth. The sensation of her slick pussy gripping and sliding over my cock made me gasp and I could feel myself pulsing towards a climax.

Feeling I was losing control I swung the crop creating a satisfying crack as it raised another red welt on her skin. She shoved herself against me so hard that I nearly fell back. I grabbed her hair with my left hand, raised my right and struck again. This time she screamed and pressed her skin against mine so hard I thought we would meld. Making guttural sounds she collapsed forward onto the chair. Now it was my turn to thrust.

She pushed back against me. I could hear her making a cacophony of little moans, screeches and gasps. I could feel her fingers working between her lips and squeezing the bud of her clit. For a moment I thought of ordering her to stop but I could no longer speak.

I surged into her and all her entire body seemed to freeze. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock so hard that I cried out and pulled her even closer. We hung, locked together, pulsing against each other for what seemed an age.

As my cock slipped out of her I was struck by the thought, how fast does a man’s hair grow? How long before I could summon her back? But she was ahead of me.

“I’ll come back next week and sort that out,” she said, pointing at my hair. “And if you’re not completely happy then . . .” she smiled.

“Oh I’m sure I won’t be,” I said breathlessly.

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