Cover photo of BDSM book The Donnington Chronicles Photo of woman bent over ready for discipline.

The Donnington Chronicles – BDSM Sex Story

Fetish Stories, Spanking, Submission

Intriguing stories by Simone Francis that feature whippings, spankings and all kinds of BDSM sex?

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The Donnington Chronicles BDSM fiction book cover by Simone Francis

Celia Donnington is known as The Ice Maiden in her office. Will she thaw as she enters a world of BDSM at Hardend House? Will she survive the punishments? And if she does will she become a Mistress or a slave?

BDSM fiction by Simone Francis

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Warning: Contains scenes of BDSM whippings, spankings and graphic descriptions of sex

Submissive girl in a maids costume on her knees in front of her master

A Submissive Maid Punished

Discipline, Dom Submission, Fetish Stories, Master's Diary

Alana has featured in many of my diary entries on Secret Obsessions. Usually submissive she has always had a fiery streak that needs to be brought to heel. This entry is from my archives. Alana had recently joined us as a maid and had, I suspect deliberately, committed several misdemeanours which warranted her first punishment.

Sandra Spanked

Discipline, Fetish Stories, Master's Diary

A Woman Spanked. Photo Illustrated Story

Earl entered the library yesterday to find the lovely Sandra reading one of my creations which tells the story of erotic spanking in a fictional household. Sound familiar?

This in itself was not a misdemeanour but the sight of her fingers creeping inside her knickers showed that she was clearly somewhat aroused by the text.

Earl watched for a while from the doorway and here is his account of what happened next.

Blonde woman kneeling with dress hitched up to reveal her bottom. Lesbian and bisexual supernatural sex story illustration

Goldilocks Bared

Fetish Stories, Gothic Fetish, Submission

Illustrated Supernatural Sex Story

This one is ideal. She has lived maybe two dozen years, young enough to be innocent of some things, but old enough to have had her desires awakened.

Pretty face framed by long blonde hair. Tall, long legs moving with grace, inviting curves pressing tantalizingly against the material of her clothes, stretching it like the skin of a not quite ripe fruit.
I love hunting in the summer.

Secretary in underwear bent over a desk ready for an office spanking

The Pending Tray – The Beginning

Fetish Stories, Spanking, Submission

Part one of a three-part lesbian office spanking series.

Getting spanked by her boss Michelle was not high on Lucilia’s ‘to do’ list when she arrived at work. Now it’s at the top.

In the second storiy Lucilia attends a BDSM party in the company of a mysterious man. The story of this night is featured in The Mistress’s Pet Show out now. Don’t worry dear reader, I am not going to leave you wondering what happens if you do not buy the ebook. All the stories are standalone and complete pieces of erotica.

Hotwife Bound For Spanking – Extra

Fetish Stories, Hotwife Glamour, Hotwife Spanking, Subscribers
The thought of a hand or better still a belt being whacked across my arse really turns me on. Here's my favourite hotwife bondage and spanking fantasy that I just love fingering with myself to.


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