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A Woman Spanked. Photo Illustrated Story

Earl entered the library yesterday to find the lovely Sandra reading one of my creations which tells the story of erotic spanking in a fictional household. Sound familiar?

This in itself was not a misdemeanour but the sight of her fingers creeping inside her knickers showed that she was clearly somewhat aroused by the text.

Earl watched for a while from the doorway and here is his account of what happened next.

Photo of woman masturbating whilst reading a sexy fetish book

Sandra hadn’t noticed my entry and I could hear the short little gasps of her breath. Her fingers were rippling the white satin of her knickers as they rubbed her clit and parted her lips. The room already smelt of sweet arousal.

“Shouldn’t you be going about your duties and not feeling yourself to dirty books?” I asked.

Sandra jumped at the sound. “Duties, what duties?”

“Do you have the Mistress’s permission to read this?” I took the book out of her hand.

“Permission, what permission?” Sandra was a little slow on the uptake.

“Stand up.” I ignored her question.

Sandra wriggled slowly out of the seat with slow lazy movements that resembled a petulant teenager caught in the act.

“Bend over.” I pointed at the chair.

“What?” She squeaked.

“There is a severe punishment for neglecting your duties.” I paused, trying to look as firm as possible. “Bend over girl.”

Sandra looked at the seat of the chair and then obediently bent forward. She had obviously connected the scenes in the book with what was about to happen.

Photo of nude woman being spanked

The flat of my palm landed firmly on the taught round flesh of Sandra’s behind with a dull slap. The material of her dress prevented direct contact with her skin but the impact still produced a yelp.

I lifted the hem of her dress to reveal two wonderfully full buttocks.

Some women have tight, small, hard behinds that are difficult to spank, whilst some have full, firm but not rigid, cheeks that just invite the hand. Sandra’s are definitely the latter.

The next slap made contact with soft skin and created a satisfying crack. It was hard enough to make the palm of my hand tingle.

“Bastard,” Sandra wriggled but stayed bent over.

I applied myself to her behind and the tingling in my palm increased as the cheeks of her bottom slowly reddened.

When I paused, Sandra stood up. A good spanking is like a good wine; it needs to breathe and to mature gently.

I sat down on the chair. “Take off your dress.”

Sandra wriggled as she pulled the skimpy fabric over her head enthusiastically.

I pointed at my lap. She seemed undecided for a moment but then knelt and bent across my knees.

I could feel the firm globes of her large tits and the hard points of her nipples as they pressed against my thigh. It was going to take a lot of concentration not to rise up and fuck her straight away.

Photo of nude woman being spanked

I brought my palm down hard and watched her cheek ripple in submission.

“Ow,” Sandra’s head jerked up in response.

The slaps got harder and Sandra’s blonde mane swished from side to side, her soft hair brushing my face as each one landed.

Photo of nude woman being spanked

By now her bottom was beginning to glow but Sandra had not once cried stop.

In fact, she seemed to be calling me every rude name she could think of, aware that each insult brought forth a fresh punishment.

I pushed her off my knee and picking up the cane hooked it into the hem of her knickers. She turned and look sullenly at me.

Photo of nude woman being spanked

Her eyes said, oh yes and what are you going to do with that? Her knickers slid to the floor. I pushed her shoulders forward with the tip of the cane.

She stood bending forward, expectant, confident that after the spanking she could both endure, and enjoy, anything.

Photo of nude woman being caned

I brought the cane down across both cheeks in a forceful stroke that did not use my full strength.

“Jesus, you fucking . . . ” She didn’t finish the sentence before the second stroke landed bringing forth another stream of expletives.

Red stripes appeared across her skin but she remained bent over. I pushed her down across the seat, her legs parted to reveal pussy lips that sparkled wet with excitement.

The stokes increased in force and the tips of her fingers showed at the apex of her sex as they pressed rhythmically against her most sensitive spot. I brought the cane down across her mimicking the rhythm of her shouts.
“Fuck me.”

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