Submissive girl in a maids costume on her knees in front of her master

A Submissive Maid Punished

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Alana has featured in many of my diary entries on Secret Obsessions. Usually submissive she has always had a fiery streak that needs to be brought to heel. This entry is from my archives. Alana had recently joined us as a maid and had, I suspect deliberately, committed several misdemeanours which warranted her first punishment.

Lady Antonia opened the door to the discipline room.

“The maid is ready Sir.”

“What is she guilty of?”

“Tardiness, chattering at work and slovenly attention to her duties.”

“Did you hear that girl? Are you willing to receive your punishment?”

“Yes Sir, I am.” Her reply is somewhat muffled as she is currently face down on the floor, her succulent, ripe ass bared and ready for the crop that rests on the chair next to her.

Submissive maid service. A submissive maid kneeling with her behind in the air ready for whipping

“You will receive three strokes for each offence and after that, we will review your conduct.”

I pick up the crop and test its suppleness even though it is one of my favourites and I know it well.
Without further warning I bring it down hard across her virgin cheeks.

She gasps, air hissing between her teeth but she does not flinch.

“One Sir.”

The crop bites a second time making a delicious crack as it bites her skin.
“Two Sir,”

It cracks again.

“Three Sir.”

“Four Sir,” Her ass jerks at the contact and wriggles provocatively. She knows her submission will bring rewards.

“Five Sir”

Her behind sways again.

Submissive maid  kneeling with her striped whipped bottom in the air

The sight of her neatly shaven pussy covered only by the white satin of her panties and surrounded by redding, striped flesh makes my cock swell. I can smell her cunt and know the insides of her panties are wet with lust.

I drop the remaining strokes onto her in quick succession.

“Six Sir, seven Sir,” she gasps. “Eight Sir, Nine Sir.”

The last count is almost a squeal as I bring the crop down hard and it bites into her flesh.

“Turn around girl.”

Submissive maid service

She swings around, her full breasts swinging against the thin lace of her maid’s outfit. I know from her petulant gaze that her punishment has not yet had the desired effect.

I turn to my Lady A. “Strip her.”

She steps forward and yanks down the girl’s panties.

I am right, the velvet lips of the girl’s sex are spread, full and silvered with excitement.

Nude girl kneeling with her whipped and spanked butt in the air

Without waiting the girl shucks off her dress and resumes the position kneeling on all fours. This time she does not bow her head and her cunt gapes wide, wet and inviting.

I deliver more strokes with the crop. She wriggles her behind as if grinding her pussy lips together will bring some relief to her surging passions. A silver trail appears on her inner thigh.

Even though my cock is hard and pushing against the material of my trousers I will not satisfy her passions straight away. Like a fine wine, she needs to mature, her lust to develop and grow.

“Kneel beside the chair.”

She looks at me rebelliously, before slowly moving into position.

Naked girl chained to a chair after a spanking

I turn to Lady A, “Secure her with manacles.”

And then I address the girl. “I will leave you to contemplate your conduct. You will not touch yourself. You will not come. Any transgression of these rules will mean you will be chained tighter and left in total frustration. Do you understand?”

She nods, “Yes Sir.”

I know the heat from her punishment will build up inside her, spread through her body and seep into her. If she obeys me she will soon be a simmering mass of frustration.

When I return she is wriggling on the floor, trying to bring some release to herself without breaking my commands.

She is ready.

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