Meg Dreams of Submission

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In this entry in my diary I have recorded Meg’s dreams of submission before she found her true submissive side at Hardend House. Her language is forthright and her photos explicit

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Before I came here I was not innocent. I had fucked men, and women, for fun but none had ever aroused my passions. None had made me writhe in ecstasy, none had connected to my mind as they opened my cunt. That’s all I was to them – a cunt to be filled.

Sometimes, alone in my room, I would fantasize about a commanding figure, maybe a Master, maybe a Mistress entering and ordering me to strip, display myself to them and then submit to their will.
First, they would punish me, for what it did not matter because their strokes would be skillfully administered to arouse the unspent passions in me.

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