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Spanking Archive – Women Spanked and Caned

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Ailie and Alana’s Masters

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Ride us, whip us, cane us if you dare.

Yes, we like to be ridden, ridden hard. There is nothing better than being taken by a real stallion of a man whilst the crop cracks across your rump. We are the riding girls, tame us and ride us if you dare. See more in Riding Girls in Jodhpurs

Cosplay woman dressed as schoolgirl

Schoolgirl Cosplay – Amber

My schooldays were never this much fun. Now I’m an adult I can wear my school uniform for some schoolgirl cosplay and tease Sir as much as I like. Any lessons I get taught are strictly, and I mean strictly, of the physical kind. See more in Amber Ready For Caning

Alana bound gagged and caned

Bound and gagged in my favourite fantasy. Jeans and then my knickers yanked down as I struggle against the bonds. The cane applied, my pussy wet with anticipation of what you will do next.

Domestic discipline

Domestic discipline Hotwife spanked

There’s nothing better than coffee and the feeling of a well placed hand on my arse to get Meg moving in the morning. See more in Domestic Discipline

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Yes Mistress

The Mistress has commanded me to take the delightful Rose in hand. I sincerely hope that I will be feeling her hands on me in the near future.

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It had never occurred to her that the girl actually enjoyed her punishment and she found herself idly wondering what it was like to be in that position.

“Each of you will kneel before your mount and take him in your mouth. There’s no prize for the winner, but the slowest girl will endure the punishment of her riders choosing.”

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