Fetish photography hints and tips

Fetish Photography Tips. Shutter Speeds

Fetish Photo Tips

When we set out camera to P (Program) or Auto the camera will select the best (it thinks) apertures and shutter speeds.  But what if we want to freeze movement – for example to a swishing cane?

When something in your photograph is moving a slower shutter speed will allow it to blur as the movement continues during the exposure. Faster shutter speeds may freeze the motion; depending on how fast the object is going. See Beginners Guide to Spanking Photography

Taking fetish photos hints and tips on lighting

Fetish Photography Tips Lighting

Fetish Photo Tips

Lighting Fetish Photography Tips.

Daylight or Artificial Light?

Nature has given us a large, bright light source complete with some very handy diffusers (clouds). Unfortunately we have no control over when these diffusers appear and, although the sun is always shinning it reaches us with varying intensity.  Since I am assuming that most of your bondage photography will take place indoors, except for the more adventurous, then you are probably going to need some form of artificial light.

Black and white fetish photography tips

Black and White Fetish Photography

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Textures and contrasts are stronger in black and white fetish photography. It is easier to create emotions and moods without the distractions of colour.