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Mistress and Her Willing Slave Girl

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The Mistress uses her slave girl Cecily for her pleasure.

Cecily is at my mercy, tied to the cross. Lifting her dress reveals her clean shaven pussy is not covered by underwear. At least she has obeyed one of my commands

I slide my fingertips across her pussy lips, testing for any coarseness. She has been thorough, the swelling flesh is smooth and silky. As a reward, I curl my fingers and they slide easily into her. She moans as I slide them half out and press on her clit.

It is not a Mistress’s place to pleasure her slave without return so I wait until I sense her climax rising and then I stand and leave her gasping on the edge of coming and staring down into the abyss. See more…

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Photo of nude ballet dancer

Late again, Cecily has to dance without panties in Ballet School

Photo of nude girl caned

Cecily in Detention. Cecily is punished for her poor performance at the ballet school. To see this gallery and the full Mistress and Willing Slave Girl story, accept the Masters’ invitation below.

The Master's Diaries Women spanked in bondage

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Join the select guests who receive invites to view the private rooms at Hardend House. There is no charge for entry

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Read Celia’s story as she endures spankings, whippings under the watchful eye of the Mistress of Hardend House in this full length BDSM sex story.

It had never occurred to her that the girl actually enjoyed her punishment and she found herself idly wondering what it was like to be in that position.

“Each of you will kneel before your mount and take him in your mouth. There’s no prize for the winner, but the slowest girl will endure the punishment of her riders choosing.”

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