Secret Obsessions

Secret Obsessions.

Secret Obsessions Fetish PhotographyEveryone has secret obsessions it’s just that some don’t admit it and with others they’re not so secret. So here you can indulge yourself in private or learn how to photograph your kinks and display them to the world.


Gothic fetish erotica short stories
Gothic Erotic Short Story

You will also find some erotic stories and even some erotic poetry appearing.

Originally the word fetish referred to an inanimate object worshipped by preliterate peoples because of its supposed inherent magical powers (OED). It wasn’t until the last century that it became an object or action that (abnormally) stimulated sexual desire. In fact it took until the swinging sixties until its current meaning became established.
Obsessions doesn’t fare a lot better. If we disregard the early meaning of ‘to besiege a place,’ (OED) we end up with an image or idea that continually fills (or troubles) the mind.
Hopefully nothing here troubles the mind and your obsession is more of an enjoyment. Everything you will see on this site is erotic, a bit smutty (OK very smutty in places), but not porn. There are plenty of other sites providing that.

Hogtied - Erotic Poetry
Hogtied – Erotic Poetry

If you like to read your smut try the erotic fiction short stories or poetry pages or if you like to see it go to photography.

Perhaps you’d like to see the Girls in Charge

This site is still under construction so there will be more, including how shoot fetish photography, coming soon. If you have any ideas or comments or an author who would like to submit erotic short stories or poetry please contact us.

If you think obsessions or fetish fits into abnormal or troublesome category, or if you are under 18 (21 in some countries) then I suggest you find another site to browse.

(OED) Oxford English Dictionary

Bondage and submission is part of a fun and consensual life. The pictures on this site were posed by some very talented models, all of whom were over 18 when the photographs were taken. They enjoy what they do and are also  good actors, so if they look frightened or in pain it is an act.

The fiction is simply that – fiction. 

Coming Soon

Secret Obsessions bondage photography is a magazine format how to guide to bondage and fetish photography. Submission and Punishment and Plastic Fantastic issues are to follow


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