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The Conversation

Master's Diary, Spanking, Submission

A Conversation Between a Dom and His Sub

Meg is nude and chained in the dungeon but will she learn some obedience? Erotically charged dialogue illustrated with explicit photos.

‘Please Sir, do I have to stay chained to this chair?’
‘Yes – until you learn some obedience.’
‘Can I play with myself if I can’t have your cock? I’m feeling so horny. Look my nipples are standing up like hard little buttons.’
‘That is not being obedient is it? Obedience is doing what I say when I say. When you came here you agreed to that, did you not?’
‘Yes Sir.’
‘And saying “Yes Sir,” whilst pouting like that is not the correct way.’
‘Yes Sir. I mean no Sir. I just so need a fuck.’

‘Stand up. Turn around and bend over the chair.’
‘Your panties are soaked. Your cunt is so wet I could slide a dildo the size of a salami up there and you would hardly notice.’
‘Oo, do you have a salami sized dildo?’.
Do you not like the feel of my fingers?
‘Oh yes Sir. Sorry Sir I’m so naughty Sir. Please spank me. Whip me. Fuck me. Whatever you wish.’

‘What I wish is to see you fuck yourself – with your fingers.’
‘Yes Sir,’
Turn around. Display yourself. There is one condition though. You must not come.’
‘Oh – umm – aaah. I think Sir – I’m . . .’
Aaah, please aaaaah.’
‘Stop now or I will chain your hands to the arm of the chair,’

‘Turn around and kneel in front of the chair. I know what is good for you.’
‘Does that mean you will spank me and fuck me? – Ow, ow‘
‘Did that hurt?’
‘Does it normally hurt when I cane you?’
‘Yes but no, not like that – you must have done it harder then.’
‘No. In fact the stokes were softer than usual.’
‘But . . .’

‘What is good for you is the anticipation of a spanking. All this flouncing around, pouting, misbehaving. In your mind you are imaging what the result will be. As you have demonstrated your pussy is wet, your nipples hard. All that comes from your mind. When you actually receive the caning your senses are so heightened to it that you almost orgasm at the first stroke. That time you didn’t know it was coming. There was no sign from me, despite the fact that you have been begging me to do it. There was no anticipation, your mind wasn’t prepared. It simply responded to the sensation of pain.’
‘Thank you Sir.’
‘Now get those fingers working again.’

‘Yes Sir. Aaagh – aaah – yes Sir.’
‘Now you are ready.’

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