Femdom Girls (Back) in Charge

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The femdom girls are back in charge this week so if you like your girls dominant or maybe have memories of that very sexy teacher then this gallery is just for you. These are just a few previews from the Mistress’ Diaries coming soon.

First please look to your stewardess and listen to the safety warning.

“Should anyone piss me off today I won’t hesitate to use this. Economy passengers will receive six strokes, first class is unlimited.

In the event of an emergency please remove your panties or trousers as we may as well have some fun before we crash.

I do hope you enjoy your Beaten Ass flight today”

Photo of air hostess mistress holding a cane

Welcome to the school.

Hardend has been a school for finishing school for young ladies and has a proud history of discipline. Recently we have become coeducational so there are now a few men who feel the cane as well.

Allow me to introduce your to the school’s mistresses. Their names are not important as you will speak only when spoken to and the correct response is ‘Yes Mistress.’

And so to work, or is it play, I’m never sure. There now follows pictures some of our mistresses teaching some of their students a lesson.

BDSM fiction by Simone Francis

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And finally, we wish you a safe flight home and hope you enjoy first class travel
The Master's Diaries Women spanked in bondage

The Master’s Guest Invitation

Join the select guests who receive invites to view the private rooms at Hardend House. There is no charge for entry

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More fem dom girls in charge

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